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Injecting More Certainty power into Sustainable Energy Development--Wanli Industrial's Trip to OPES 2024 International Oil & Gas Exhibition


From April 22 to 24, 2024, the International Oil and Gas Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as OPES) was grandly held in Oman. As an important event for the oil and gas industry in West Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, OPES brings together experts, scholars and outstanding entrepreneurs in the global oil and gas field.

As one of the exhibitors, Wanli Industrial participated in this event with its rich product lines, excellent product quality, and mature service system, sharing the latest solutions in the oil and gas field with new and old friends in the industry, and conducting in-depth Exchange and cooperation.

Oman is one of the important oil and gas producers in the Middle East and has abundant oil and gas resources. However, as the global energy transition accelerates and the concept of sustainable development becomes more and more popular, Oman's oil and gas industry is also facing new challenges. How to achieve environmentally friendly and economically sustainable development while ensuring energy supply has become an urgent issue for Oman's oil and gas industry.

Wanli Industrial's products have better oil and gas production effects, can reduce environmental pollution, and help customers reduce losses. Not only that, Wanli Industrial has built a mature inland material system based on its 8 years of local operating experience, integrating spot goods The direct service scope extends to the entire Middle East region based on Oman, providing customers with full-chain services from the source factory to the use site. It can not only meet customers' spot needs at any time, respond to various complex problems in a timely and accurate manner, but also Reduce losses caused by uncertainty, effectively save costs, and achieve an increase in overall value!

Although the current international environment is full of uncertainties and the world is in a highly turbulent period, Wanli Industrial has always maintained an upward pace, still maintaining stability amidst instability and seeking certainty amidst uncertainty.

Wanli team told the exhibitors that in the face of the increasingly complex international situation and market environment, Wanli Industry will be firm in confidence and move forward with courage. Wanli knows that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every change is a new starting point for development. Therefore, no matter what kind of market fluctuations and uncertainties we face, Wanli will maintain its strategic strength, continue to adhere to the quality of its products, operations and services, follow the industry trends, embrace planning, strengthen its own certainty, and work hand in hand with its customers to inject more certainty into the development of sustainable energy.

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