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Morality, first of all, the staff is a part of society, and then a part of enterprise. Without a high morality, people is hard to make a living in society, nor to be loyal to the company, strictly observe to the duty. So the enterprise keeps high morality a principle in recruiting suitable staff.


Ability is a kind of wealth for staff. Effective and full competition would inspire staff to make it better. So the company execute a basic system for offering more duty and rights to the capable staff.


Talent would be a wealth if is well explored. Providing large space for talented staff is a quick method for enterprise development and expansion. So the enterprise would retain the talented staff by providing them broader development space and equal reward system, and also the enterprise will gradually develop to be a learning organization.


Culture, excellent company culture would guide, shape and improve its staff. The enterprise furnish the staff qualified goods and service, but also educational company culture. Enterprise shapes staffs behavior and work pattern to meet enterprise wish via team learning.


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