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Fracturing Proppant

Tested by Frac-Tech, Core Lab and other renowned international laboratories, the performance indexes of Wanli's oil and gas fracturing proppants are in compliance with API STD 19C & ISO 13503-2 standards. In recent years, Wanli has continuously invested in the R&D of new products and has developed new products such as the adsorbent ceramic, oil-permeable and water-blocking and self-suspending proppants.

High Pressure Resistance
High Stability
High Conductivity
Multi-Condition Application
Ceramic Proppant

Wanli ceramic proppant is an indispensable product for the exploitation of oil&gas fields in hydraulic fracturing and plays an important role in the stimulation of oil&gas fields. Fracturing proppant can be widely used in fracturing of deep well and high pressure oil and gas reservoirs.Wanli Proppant adapts high-quality bauxite as the main raw material, after crushing finely ground into fine powder, then it will mix with various additives, and proceed the granulation, polishing and sintering. The product has high compressive strength, low density, good sphericity, high smooth finish, strong conductivity and so on.  Through the test of China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute Langfang branch proppant evaluation laboratory, the performance indicators fully meet the API STD 19C & ISO 13503-2 standards, is currently at the leading level.

Resin Coated Sand

Wanli Resin Coated Sand is divided into the following classification: 16/30 Mesh; 20/40 Mesh; 30/50 Mesh; 40/70 Mesh, In the fracture process, Wanli Resin Coated Sand is used for stimulation, preventing fromation subsidence and flowback.

Resin Coated Proppant

Resin Coated Proppant is based on ceramic proppant and coated by high quality resin, which leads its conductivity higher than high strength proppant. 

Natural Silica Sand

Wanli quality exceed API/ISO standard, and stick to industrial standard during transportation, in order to maintain high quality. The sand has great strength, turbidity and integrality, there will not be any degradation or dissolution during pumping or fracturing process

Self-suspending Proppant

Properties of the Self Suspending Proppant arise from the hydrogel formulation used as their coating, conventional proppant particles are encapsulated with a thin layer of a high-molecular-weight hydrogel polymer, it can be self-suspended in the water. There is no need to add extra carrying fluid, so SSP saves the cost on gel system during fracturing process and also reduce the harm to ground environment. It exists as one single particle, so there will be better flowability in fracturing process and also avoid the sandup phenomenon.

Oil-permeable and Water-blocking Proppant

Oil-permeable and water-blocking proppant refers to the proppant that would block water in a water-containing oil layer under hyposmolality situation. The proppant is composed of regular ceramsite with a hydrophobic & oleophylic resin film coating the surface of the ceramsite, it can be low density, intermediate density and also high density.  Water-blocking property can significantly raise oil-water ratio, improve conductivity of proppant, and enhance the production of crude oil.

Absorbing Proppant

Absorbing proppant (also known as carrying proppant), is a non-closed porous proppant with strong compressive capacity, and can carry about 15% of the oil additives, and slowly release in the deep formation with fracture process. It enlongs the work effitiveness of proppant and also protect the oil well

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