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Time: 2018-05-29

In mid-May 2018, all the employees of Wanli Industry visited Yuntai Mountain for a weekend holiday. Thus the day of day, while the sky is clear and wind is soft, all the people travel together in such a friendly environment. Yuntai Mountain was named for its special cloud rain roof, high and low pitch, all for the beautiful scenery.

After the red stone gorge, it was seen the real scene in the rugged terrain. The emerald tree was hidden in the red stone, and the water flowed from the moss. Also, the small fish were suspended in the green water, sometimes motionless, in comparison to sometimes happy swimming; The stream flowed from the stream, and the jade bead was splashed; Several flowers were visible in the cross-slope of the tree, closed or open; There was a waterfall from the high mountain and down, in the green of the vertical line. In the picture, as appearing in the picture, the eyes were gradually blurred, the ear was pleasant, and forgotten to reback.

Climbed the dogwood peak, on the glass walkway. The Zhuyu Peak was one thousand and three hundred meters high. On the way to the mountain, there were filled with the slanting steps of the steps. The slabs were easy to walk and long distances to reach the top of the mountain. Looking far away, several peaks twisted and closed at the bottom of the eye, light sky with white cloud, till then could you know the real meaning of this platforms’ name, lying in the cloud platform. There were clear winds and spontaneous passing, floating like a legacy of independence, feather and daffodil.

From the summit to the glass walkway, on the rugged mountain road rolling, walking step by step. On the glass walkway, because of the transparent glass, low head overlooking, like a hovering in the air, the heart of the panic. There were hundreds of meters suspended at your feet. This scene was different, the heart quivered and the body hanged, if the white cloud from the side walk, there was a crane to the ear, the trance was like the immortal touch the top, the knot was long life.

To play in the landscape, or to see the mind, or to be open, or to be enlightened. There was a father and a child, a mother and a young woman. To see the truth in human nature, to see the good, to be like a cloud. When they came together, they still felt the aftertaste in their hearts. When you knew how to move, you can felt your heart, even though your body was not moving, as for your heart can be far away.