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Time: 2018-02-12

Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China and some Asian nations. Because legend has it that the beast is afraid of red, afraid of fire and afraid of sound, so people will have couplets, firecrackers, gongs and drums and other customs. Different periods, different regions, different ethnic customs are not the same.

In China, the Spring Festival is also a minority national people's customs and festivals. People of all ethnic groups in accordance with their own customs, held a variety of celebration, with their strong national unique style. Spring Festival is an ancient festival in China. It is also one of the most important festival in the whole year. How to celebrate this festival, in the history of thousands of years, has formed some relatively fixed customs, there are still many people who have been handed down.

The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. People usually decorate the doors and windows with red paper cut. Because red means good luck. People usually clean house too. Because they want to sweep away bad luck. Children can get some new clothes or presents from their parents and grandparents.

On New Year's Eve, family always have a big dinner. Everybody are watch TV and talk. In the midnight, there usually fair works.

On New Year's Day, people usually put on their new clothes and visit their family and friends. They usually say:" Happy New Year's Day."

The Spring Festival finishes at the Lantern Festival after two weeks. People usually eat a kind of rice dumpling called yuanxiao. It can take people good luck all the year round.