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Time: 2018-02-08

Little New Year, which falls about a week before the lunar New Year, is also known as the Festival of the Kitchen God, the deity who oversees the moral character of each household.

In Chinese traditional culture, the Kitchen God will report to the Jade Emperor about the daily affairs of each family.

Based on the report, the Jade Emperor will decide whether or not to reward this family.

People will sacrifice candy, water, beans to the Kitchen God to flatter him, so that he can report good things about the family. As a result, the Jade Emperor may not punish the family, which can live safe and sound during the next year.

On the Festival's Eve, the Kitchen God will go back to the humans world, so he will get a warm welcome from human beings. After this sacrifice on this day, the ancestors will be worshipped by the whole family, and the sacrifice remains in place till December 30.