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Time: 2018-01-22

Yuandan, which most countries in the world known as the "New Year", is the first day of the Gregorian calendar year. In China, the New Year has been included in the statutory holidays, become a national holiday according to the government. The People will have 3 days to celebrate the New Year.


The New Year always bring good blessing to the people. In addition to the old days of New Year, the people of the world with its ingenuity, unique way to meet the arrival of the New Year.

New Year customs in different countries:

Argentina: Argentina think that water is the most holy. Various groups of young and old go to the rivers washing on the New Years Day, so "New Year Bath" is to wash away all the body of filth.

France: To celebrate the New Year with wine, people from the eve of the carnival began to drink until January 3 to terminate. The French thought the New Year's weather was a sign of good or bad.

Egypt: the Egyptians to the Nile rose this day as the beginning of the New Year, known as the "Water New Year." Some places in Egypt, to provide for soybeans, lentils, purple alfalfa and wheat and other crops of particles. The more things are dedicated to God, the more New Year's harvest will be.




India: It is known as "fasting New Year's Day." On the first day of the New Year, no one is allowed to be angry with people or to lose their temper. In some places, not only do not celebrate the New Year, but rather hold crying.

They believe that the beginning of New Year's Day, the passage of time life is short, with crying to express their sigh. In some areas, people are fasting for a day and night to meet the New Year, from early morning until midnight on New Year's Day.