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Forward Lunar Year Festival- Kitchen God Worshipping Day Back ->

Time: 2018-01-22

In the twelfth lunar month lunar, the Spring Festival is not far away. There is Forward Lunar Year Festivalwhich now many young people are not very understanding. In fact, there are variety of custom in this day.


Forward Lunar Year Festival is in the twelfth lunar month twenty-23rd (or 24th) also called Kitchen God Worshipping Day. It is the celebration of the Spring Festival and the beginning of foreshadowing. The main activities are two items: Year Sweeping and Kitchen God Worshipping. In addition, also to eat candy.

Year Sweeping is to clean away the dirt and the old of the past year and usher in the new. The broom sweeps up and down the walls, scrub the tables and chairs, and wash the floor…… Families are not leaving to do a thorough cleaning, with bright windows and clean tables. Moreover, there is a way of saying "money or no money, shaved before the Spring Festival". 

In fact, it seems, the day of the most important activities, in addition to worship fruit, maltose and pastry, but also for the kitchen portrait. The old kitchen portrait off at the same time, every family will have to "Asking For" back a new frame like kitchen God.

On this day, people should eat maltose which could stick to the kitchen god's mouth. This habit derives from the long kind of ceremony. In the folk, people always think that every household has on the day down the "Kitchen God", responsible for overseeing the good and bad things done in a year.