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Time: 2018-01-22

The Spring festival is the most important festival in China. It is on January 1st per the Chinese lunar calendar. It's China's New Years Day so usually a month before the festival, people begin to buy food clothes and decorations for houses.

On New Year Eve, each family will gather together eating, talking and watching TV for almost the whole night. The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from their parents or grand-parents.


On Lunar New Year's Daypeople will eat dumplings. When they meet their neighbors or friends, theyll say: Happy New Year!The New Year celebrating activities will last about half a month. Though the 15-day periodwhich starts with the first day of the lunar new year and ends on the 15th day known as Lantern Festival), is relatively longit is the busiest time of the year for Chinese people. The arrangements they have to make for family reunionsbuying necessities and preparing food keeps them busy throughout the holiday. Many of them travel back home and meet friends over dinner and drinks. The celebrations include decorating the house and setting off fireworks.

Many customs associated with Spring Festival have changedtoo. In the pastpeople used to visit relatives and friends with gifts and lots of good wishes. Todaymany peopleespecially the youthuse their cell phones or the Internet to send their good wishes and even "gifts" to their relatives and friends. Some may say this a sign that people have become less caring about their near and dear onesbut we should see this development as a time- and energy-saving exercise granted by the information age.

In recent timesmany people have started praying for a career promotion or more money instead of invoking God or the Buddha for a healthy and long life and the welfare of their family. But the number of such people is decreasing nowwhich shows that people are becoming more reasonable.