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China carbon dioxide dry sand fracturing was a major breakthrough Back ->

Time: 2018-01-18

With the Su Dong XX-XXC4 well carbon dioxide dry sand fracturing test successfully completed, the company's major on-site research project - carbon dioxide dry sand fracturing technology, which lasted three years of key research in Chuanqing drilling engineering company, completed by the key equipment research and development, indoor technology test to the job site to verify the key "three-step" for the technology in the domestic standardization of operations, lay the foundation for large-scale application.


Carbon dioxide dry sand fracturing technology, through the use of liquid carbon dioxide instead of conventional water-based fracturing fluid, with no residue, no water phase, flow back fast, no harm to the reservoir, the advantages of environmental protection and storage is obviously.

This technology uses systematic construction control, intelligent data acquisition, micro-seismic crack monitoring and other technical means, breaking the difficulty of carbon dioxide production organization, many construction equipments involved, the implementation of high cost, long cycle of operation and other large-scale application bottlenecks, the establishment of the Complete carbon dioxide operating process technical specifications, fracturing construction standards and HSE system for the carbon dioxide dry sand fracturing technology in the domestic scale application to provide theoretical basis and on-site technical support in the transformation of tight sandstone to achieve world-class, domestic Leading level.