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Self-suspending Proppant Applied for the Hydraulic Fracturing System Back ->

Time: 2018-01-18

In the present technology, the proppant used in the fracturing construction in the oil field is mainly silica sand and ceramic sand. Silica sand is a petroleum fracturing proppant, it has a relatively low density, easily pumped and low price, but it has disadvantages such as a low strength, low surface smoothness, poor oil permeability, low oil production. 


Ceramic sand mainly produced with high-quality bauxite, coal and other raw materials, through multi producing process. This proppant has high quality and high strength advantages, and with good conductivity and corrosion resistance. 

At the same time, this kind of proppant has obvious technical advantages of better increasing oil and gas production, such as the adoption of high-aluminum proppant can significantly improve oil and gas production 30% to 50%. The service life of the oil wells can be significantly extended by adopting ceramic sand, so the ceramic sand is the essential materials in current low permeability oil and gas wells exploration.

However, in the actual fracking process, even if the ceramic proppant there are some defects, such as high-alumina proppant has the high apparent density, so in the process of oil fracturing must rely on guar gum and other organic materials to improve the viscosity of fracturing fluid, and guar gum and other organic materials are very expensive, and consumption is huge, thus making the cost of fracturing higher. At the same time, the use of ceramic proppant, there are some targeted rock formations prone to accumulation, which easily lead to settlement and formation pollution, and thus the development of new proppant products is still of very important application value.