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Time: 2021-02-07

On the arrival of the 2021 lunar new year, Wanli Group held its annual company celebration. In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, this year's annual celebration was held in the conference room of the company. However, it was no less wonderful than in previous years. We had a happy, excited and unforgettable afternoon.

Since the morning, enthusiastic and active girls of the company have begun the decoration of the venue. How to paste each sticker, how to place the plate and where to pull the banner have been carefully studied and continuously improved, doing best to create a festival atmosphere for everyone.

Help each other and work as a team

A bunch of big prizes are waiting for their owners in the corner

Let's enter

Concentrating on the stage

Handsome and humorous male host and beautiful and elegant female host

Extra! Extra! Wanli TF Old Boys men's team officially launched!

Free yourself and enjoy yourself

Combination of Marilyn Monroe & Madonna

Wild shaking

There is wildness and there is elegance

Sanjuban created by employees of the company: boasting about our family

Champion program: White Snake

Deep love in heart

Fahai with his magic weapon

Dubbing show

Cool and dynamic dance

Love is always in my heart

Finally, we are most looking forward to the lucky draw

In the sound of joy, the annual meeting of Foreign Trade Department of Wanli Group was successfully concluded!