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Wanli Group Successfully Completed the Experiential Development Training Back ->

Time: 2020-12-15

On November 28, 2020, in the cheers of the last activity named "national mobilization", Wanli Group officially concluded the annual experiential outward bound training and completed the two-day League building activity.

"This training is really interesting. We not only had a good time, but also realized the power of teamwork in the process of playing, which is very helpful for future work." The staff said after the training.

On the morning of November 27, the teacher of Renhe Zhengdao organized groups through the game of "team self portrait". With the delivery of portrait paper in turn, the relationship between group members was quickly narrowed and everyone was quickly familiar with fusion.

If one wants to realize himself, he must know himself. When we know the weak, we will know how to guard against the danger; when we know the advantages, we will know how to use our own strengths. "PDP personality assessment" makes us return to our original self. We need to have a better understanding of ourselves in order to challenge ourselves and overcome ourselves; we need to better understand others to achieve team success and defeat opponents.

The Spring and Autumn period is an extremely special period in China's history. With the ambition of becoming the overlord of the spring and Autumn period, the most anticipated Cosplay link has finally come. In the course, each group of students represents a country. In order to achieve performance appraisal, each group of students can obtain resources through trade or war within a five-year period to meet the requirements under the condition of unequal national strength and resources (food, wealth, military strength and environment). In the process, experience the importance of taking the common interests of the organization as the goal, understand the relationship between communication and trust, and establish the concept of taking the overall situation as the focus.

This training enables everyone to think through immersive experience activities, and make them realize that in the group, they need to have clear goals, cohesive team consciousness, clear division of labor and cooperation, smooth and effective communication, in order to achieve efficient work.