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Time: 2019-08-23

Cohesion produces strength and demonstrates bravery demeanor!

On August 17, 2019, Wanli staffs gathered at Liji-Shangdong International Building on the base of the morning sunrise. With the cooperation of Wanli Industry and Renhe Zhengdao consulting, the team building activity of the Legendary of the Lingque Ocean of Great Navigation was carried out smoothly.

The Legendary of the Lingque Ocean of Great Navigation is a business competition simulated by sand table. With the magnificent and changeable era of great navigation as the simulation of today's fast changing era, and the story of a fleet gaining wealth by sailing, the various changing environments of today are vividly designed into a voyage trip.

At 8:30, after Mr. Wang Tao's enthusiastic opening speech, Wanli employees were divided into six groups. Each group consisted of 7 to 8 persons holding different positions. Everyone worked in their own roles and officially opened up a journey of sailing with the wind and waves.

As everyone knows, no matter whether it is the innovation of business model or the development and competition of the market, every step of the beginning is always cautious. In the period of the initial survival stage, we work together to familiarize ourselves with the rules of the sand table, calculate the cost input and output ratio of different development roads, and finally determine the general direction of development.

After successfully surviving the survival stage, we are constantly searching for new development points, resolving strategic mistakes and re-planning, effectively reducing unpredictable risks. Due to the continuous strengthening and changes of rules and situation judgments, some teams are more adventurous in their development.

There are three different paths on the sand table for the team to choose. They are: the first one is the path with less material, high risk but short channel, the second one is the road with more materials and low risk, but with the long route, the third one is easier than the second one. The team that first arrived at the destination had the highest selling price for fish, on the contrary, the price is the lowest. Due to different teams and different decisions, different development directions will result. In the process of participating, we have played our subjective initiative to the greatest extent. We have more understanding of the difficulty of being team leaders and the pressures they face in making decisions. At the same time, we have also realized the joy of working together.

In this activity, we all think positively and play a team spirit. Similarly, we will face difficulties and difficult decisions in our work, but we will withstand the pressure and move forward. This activity not only stimulated the spirit of cooperation and struggle, but also let us try to think from the perspective of leaders and understand the various pressures faced by business decision makers. This activity has greatly increased team cohesion.

Let’s unite together to strive for a more brilliant future of Wanli!