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Time: 2019-06-21

On the afternoon of June 20, Wanli held the Summary and Recognition Conference of Mid-Year Work in 2019. The company's senior managers led the team and all the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Trade gathered in the conference room. While summarizing the work in the first half of the year, we arranged the main objectives and key tasks of the second half of the year. Also, people, manager and team who made outstanding tribute to the company's development in the past six months are commended.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Wang gave a general speech. And then Mr. Han gave a report on the overall work of the Ministry of Foreign Trade Department in 2019. The report reviewed the company's operation, business distribution and target market changes in the first half of the year. He also made a good summary of business expansion and late promotion. Meanwhile, the work of various departments was comprehensively summarized, and the target tasks for the second half of the year were arranged and deployed.

The report points out that 2019 is a key year for the company's development, and also a year for the company to enter a growth period and develop rapidly. Under the correct leadership of the company's top management team, this conference reviewed the overall development goals and strategic deployment since 2016. We have practiced the enterprise values of "pioneering and enterprising, courageously climbing the peak" and the down-to-earth business philosophy, promoted the work in the first half of the year, achieved excellent results, accumulated operational experience, and integrated a large number of data resources. The company maintained a healthy and steady development trend.

The report lays out the main objectives and key tasks for the second half of the year:

Firstly, we should strengthen the penetration of target market, gradually expand the intensive cultivation at the regional and business levels, and further consolidate the foundation for development.

The second is to maintain the existing market and key customers, strengthen the stability and persistence of existing customer resources, and form a good supply relationship and long-term cooperation mechanism. On the existing basis, explore new ways of potential cooperation, and constantly create new profit.

Thirdly, control product quality strictly, respond to market trends actively, enrich product services constantly, maintain growth in stability, and maintain innovation in growth.

Next, the host read out the company's award decision and the list of award winners. Under the background of happy and dynamic music, the company leaders awarded awards for outstanding teams and advanced individuals in turn. There are 3 pioneers, 2 perseverance, 2 excellent newcomers, 7 star employees, 2 best employees and 1 excellent team. And for this award, 16 people were awarded medals and cash, and congratulated the team and individuals who had achieved excellent results in the first half of the year, and thanked everyone for their efforts.

This Summary and Recognition Conference is not the end, but a new starting point. The company has a long way to go for its future development. It needs to build a strong team with full spirit, high spirits and clear objectives. In the evening, all staff went to Henan Yuhehui Restaurant to enjoy the dinner as a successfully conclude of the commendation activities. This conference summarizes the past, plans for the future, commends the advanced and sets up a model. The purpose of this action is to motivate all employees to constantly break through themselves, work hard with high morale, and work hard for the rapid and steady development of the company with better results.