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Wanli Team's Journey to Baoquan Scenic Spots Back ->

Time: 2019-05-22

Wanli company activity with the theme of getting close to nature and taking holidays was held on May 18, 2019, all the staff of wanli team went to Xinxiang baoquan for visiting. In the morning, everyone all has the high spirits. We gathered in the company early and started our happy day. That day is a sunny day, as if nature was exuding a happy atmosphere, so everyone was excited on the way to Baoquan. Baoquan average elevation 1150 meters, the forest coverage rate of 95%, it is a national forest reserve, with pleasant climate, fresh air and a waterfall as its feature. The beautiful scenery made people had a happy mood. Climbed to the Feilong waterfall, the beauty of everything in a glance, stand at the Feicui Tan, it likes a fairyland and both diffuse hard to forget, but also dense with people narcissism.

After climbing down the mountain, everyone was exhausted and began to have lunch. After lunch, it's time to play games. The games are good helper to promote the feelings of everyone, three groups try their best to win the match. The first game was rock-paper-scissors. Although we all rely on luck, people always won easily with skillful skills. As time went by, the atmosphere of activity was aroused. The second was to balloon competition, the team must be unite, the game tested the team's ability to cooperate, the third round of the game not only need unity, but also need the team to cooperate with each other, People were participate actively and lively. Beautiful time is always short, between the light, we had to prepare for the return trip. The return trip we did not go so excited, more is in memory.

In the spare time, it is a good choice to walk into nature and feel the beauty of nature. Let life be regulated, let us have a more courageous and positive life!