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Wanli Hold the 2019 Spring Festival Evening Party Back ->

Time: 2019-01-31

Time flies, In the blink of an eye,2018 has passed, and the new 2019 is coming to us. On January 29th, the employees of Wanli International Trade Department gathered together to hold the 2019 Spring Festival Evening Party at Yawen Hotel.

After the host's lively opening, Our VP, Mr. Wang firstly gave a speech, affirmed the contributions made by various departments of the company in 2018, and expressed gratitude to all the staff for their hard work, shared his hope for the company's continuous development and growth in new year. The inspiring and exhilarating speech will definitely gather all the staff to make the company take a further step in 2019 year.

Next, the operation manager, Mr.Han summarized the sales performance in 2018 and the work of various administrative departments, meanwhile, planned the deployment of the work in 2019.

Finally, the host enthusiastically read out the list of employees who won the awards in 2018. Mr. Wang and Mr.Han presented awards to the relevant employees and affirmed their work. All employees of the International Trade Department also presented the sincerest blessings and warm applause to the award-winning employees.

Colleagues from various departments in the evening party contributes their talent skills, the various dazzling shows of with vivid performances, rough and funny costumes, has won the great cheers. Countless lottery session and the various awards were announced lead the party to high tide.

The glorious 2018 has passed, and the challenging and amazing 2019 has arrived. Work closely with our partners, and climb the new peak of our career with wisdom and courage to create a better future!