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Xiaoxue, cold day is coming Back ->

Time: 2018-11-22

Today is Xiaoxue, the handle of Big Dipper directs to Northbound West. In Chinese custom, it’s suitable for constructing.

On this day, it’s not really snowing, it just a signal of the weather become more and more cold, a signal for farmer. Sky is brightly blue. If someone stayed in an opened field, he will see the sky is most near the horizon, no things to block his sight, his mood would become smooth. 

However, it also makes people lonely. Because it tells you, the time of this year will be over. It shows you there is no thriving leaves on plants. Cold wind flows through his face, it makes him felt tininess of life, human is also tiny.

There are many poets described Xiaoxue in Song dynasty. Some poems imply that poets expect their family and friend come back. Some of them show they like this day, like its scene. Some of them show dreams, real life is a cage, imprison their body to make dreams realized. Maybe some of these poets, those people broke free, although it is pain, difficult and suffering, once they could keep going, they would be rebirth like a phoenix.

Whatever you do, you are suffering from, what you insist to do, the processing is not going well. All of the difficulty, pain is the stairs to success. Success is not easy to get. In fact, what makes people entangled is why they must do their best to live a good life. Until the end, noble or vulgar, sacrificed or misunderstood, all become zero.

When December is end, people know next year is coming. In this day, Wanli hopes you all will be happiness and well-being.