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Time: 2018-11-07

Start of winter is the first solar term of winter, which means winter is coming and crops harvested in autumn should be stored up. It also implies that people should store things for the winter and keep the cold out. As the 19th solar term in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, it will begin on 7th, November in this year. On that day, people will hold some traditional customs to welcome the start of winter.

Eating Dumplings

In the past, China was a farming society. People who have worked for one year should take a break from the day of start of winter. There is a saying that "to make up the winter and make up the mouth" is the best metaphor. So, In North and South China, most family will eat dumplings to celebrate the coming of start of winter.

Practice winter swimming

As it developed, the way to celebrate the start of winter has also been innovated. Practice winter swimming is popular in North China, such as Heilongjiang. Some athletic association athletes will cross the Songhua River to welcome the start of winter in this way.

Hold worship ceremony

People will worship the ancestors, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities. And, then will worship the heavens, to appreciate the gift of the harvest, and pray for the good weather for the crops in the coming year.