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Time: 2018-11-02

Sky is clean, the autumn comes with colorful beauties and life always generously provide its beauty to people. 

On October 27, 2018, Wanli’s annual expansion training program arrives on schedule and lasts for one day. Outreach training is an experiential team building activity through the games, and the purpose is to “challenge yourself and strengthen the team”.

In the early morning, all the people involved in the event gathered at the designated place within the scheduled time. At the beginning of the event, under the coordination of the event organizers, two simple warm-up games were completed, and then the teams were formed to complete the indoor expansion project of “Challenge Gothenburg”.

Among the four elements that focus on “goals, organizations, people, and plans”, all participants were randomly divided into four teams, and then their respective teams were given the team name, team logo, team song, team slogan, and the necessary iconic items, team leader and team secretary led to complete the set goals.

In the nearly two hours of the process, each group of members encountered different problems and difficulties in the actual operation process, and experienced a different experience in role playing.

After lunch, the key project of the second half was "The Road to Attack and Defense", which changed from indoor work to outdoor activities. In the empty playground, everyone lined up. In this game, the focus is also how to carry out the team's cooperation, with the improved bow and arrow as props, the simulation of the two sides of the battle to attack the hardships, experience the road of attack and defense, and ultimately maximize the overall efficiency of the team.

This outreach training aims to increase the sense of participation of all employees, to perceive the elements of trust in the participatory experience, and to focus on the relationship between individuals and teams, the importance of program execution and resource allocation. Therefore, personally feel, learn and understand what is high efficient communication, what is leadership consciousness, and then enhance yourself, cultivate the basic essentials of choice thinking, teamwork, etc., so as to create a positive, efficient team and constantly strive!