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Time: 2018-11-01

Halloween is an autumn holiday that Americans celebrate every year, it means "holy evening," and it comes every October 31, the evening before all saints ' day. However, it is more a holiday for children mainly than a church holiday. 

When the vegetables are ready to eat in every autumn, children pick large orange pumpkins, then they carve faces in the pumpkins and put a lighting candle inside, making it looks like a person looking out of the pumpkin! These lights are called Jack-O'-Lanterns, which means "Jack of the Lantern".

Children also put on strange masks and frightening costumes. Some paint their own faces to look like monsters, then they carry boxes or bags to one and another house. Every time when they come to a new house, they say ‘trick or treat! money or eat!’ The grown-ups will put treat-money or candy in their bags.

Not only children, but most grown-ups also love Halloween and Halloween parties because they can disguise themselves as personages or ghost as their imaginations will lead them on this day, which brings them the satisfaction of being young again.