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Time: 2018-10-23

October: A Harvest Month

After National Day holiday, it’s October, a golden month, a golden season. October, this is the month in which everything is harvested. On the farm, the rice is yellow and clear, reflecting the pleasant face of the people. In the orchard, the fruit is so red, and the eyes of people are eager. People opened their mouth and smiled so well, so sweet, with a hint of rice and fruit! This is the most beautiful view of the fall, because it was produced by work hard.

The weather in October is slightly cool. The autumn wind gently blows people, those who rushed on the road and went to work. The sun shines on the surrounding things, making them seem like a layer of gold. Chrysanthemum is also blooming in October. It adds another color to this October Don’t know if it’s because the weather is cool, or everything is good, or the blooming of chrysanthemums, people always have a faint smile.

Seeds were sown in the spring, broke through the earth. They struggled to get rid of many difficulties, waiting for the final harvest in the fall. There are golden hopes everywhere in the world. Just like in our lives, life with hope and gain is the most beautiful and exciting life.

Our work, like seeds, is planted in one time, and through our unremitting efforts, we will work hard for it, and will eventually gain something at another time. October is not a harvest month, also a beginning. In our work, the new quarter begins, we have to plan our own work in the new quarter and also need to summarize the last quarter, find our shortcomings, and wait for the progress and bloom of this quarter. Wanli also hopes that in this October, our customers, partners, the oil industry and our work will harvest.