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Happy Chinese Teacher’s Day Back ->

Time: 2018-09-10

The dates of teacher’s day always different. Many countries have their teacher’s day based on the birthday of national iconic education figures. Therefore, unlike many international holidays, teacher’s days around the world have different dates from country to country.

Chinese Teacher’s Day is closing in. In China, the 10th of September are chosen as the teacher’s day for students to show their gratefulness to teachers.

Teacher’s days share a common purpose for students to give thanks to their teachers. Thanks for teachers’ hard work teaching and patience, students can not only educated properly but also seek for the important mentor in their life.

In this day, there are some activities for students to show their appreciation to teachers, such as presenting gifts, including cards and flowers. Students always prepare gift or cards with blessing words for their teachers. Sending flowers and celebrating with classmates and teachers are the typical ways to celebrate. In addition, some schools would also hold their own funny activities, a chance to interact with teachers, giving appreciation to the hard-working and caring teachers.

In addition, many former students will go back to their old primary schools, middle schools and high schools to give presents to their old teachers.

This is a day students should give most of their respect and thoughtfulness to their teachers.